Move Out &

Seasonal Deep Clean



Move Out/Seasonal Deep Clean

Availability starts at 9 AM — 7 days a week

(Except for Christmas Day and Thanksgiving Day). 

We ask for 24 hours notice but can sometimes fit clients into our schedule.

Please feel free to call, chat or email us today to check our availability. 

A member of our management team will respond to assist you within the hour during normal business hours. 

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We also offer secured relationships with certified plumbers, electrician, handyman services and more. Anything from security checks, to hot tub maintenance— we have got you covered. 

Moving in or out of a home can be an overwhelming experience. After you pack the boxes and sign the papers, there is still a lot of work to do. We can take the stress out of your move, by handling the detailed clean. Our detailed move out clean includes the following services:

Move out cleaning Summit County Colorado


  • Move and vacuum under and behind furniture

  • Wipe doors/frames and windows/frames and sills

  • Clean inside dresser drawers

  • Clean/polish all mirrors, pictures, switches, plates, lamps, shades and baseboards

  • Clean and oil polish all furniture and wood surfaces

  • Blankets, shams, duvets etc.

Living Room

  • Move and vacuum under and behind furniture

  • Clean under sofa and chair cushions

  • Wipe doors/frames and windows/frames and sills

  • Clean/polish all mirrors, pictures, switches, plates, lamps, shades and baseboards

  • Clean blinds and all wall hangings

  • Clean and polish sliding glass doors including door tracks

  • Sweep balconies

  • Clean fireplace, hearth and fireplace tools


  • Clean inside all cabinets and drawers

  • Clean and check all dishes, cookware and silverware

  • Clean and oil cabinets

  • Scrub sink

  • Defrost freezer

  • Clean freezer, refrigerator, including under and behind

  • Fully dismantle and clean stove, scrub oven and range hoods, clean drip pans

  • Clean light fixtures

  • Wipe walls, counters

  • Clean inside and outside of garbage cans

  • Scrub floor

  • Restock linens/soap as needed


  • Scrub tub, shower, walls and ceilings of stalls and grout, shower liners. Curtains to drycleaner.

  • Clean inside and outside of trash cans

  • Scrub toilets

  • Clean medicine cabinets

  • Clean light fixtures, switches, plates and baseboards

  • Clean walls, fans and fixtures

  • Clean and oil all wood

  • Scrub floors


  • Wash all laundry on site. In-house linen service available for excess laundry.

  • Remove and clean all light fixtures and coverings

  • Clean all baseboards and baseboard heaters

  • Clean all switches, plates and receptacle covers

  • Clean all blinds and curtain rods

  • Vacuum all edges and corners

  • Clean all wall hangings

  • Wipe all doors and frames

  • Clean laundry room and washing machines and dryers thoroughly

  • Clean ceilings of any cobwebs

  • Sweep garages, balconies and decks

  • Wipe all fixtures

  • Remove any nails from walls

Trash removal when requested.