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It’s time for a deep clean on your property.

Greetings and Happy Spring! We are ready to deep clean your private home, vacation rental, and commercial properties. It’s the time of year for us to get in and do a deep clean on your property. As you are aware, vacation rental management industry standards have changed due to Covid. There is more pressure on the industry than ever before, to sanitize, disinfect, and thoroughly clean vacation rentals. There is an ethical responsibility on property managers and homeowners to have this done between seasons. Now more than ever, guests expect it and are paying more attention to cleanliness. It is not reasonable or realistic, to expect perfection from cleaning staff on a turnover clean. A turnover clean focuses on disinfecting the kitchen, bathrooms, floors, and surface areas. Changing out linens and providing supplies for the home. We simply don’t have the time, nor would it be cost-effective for you as a homeowner, to add extra tasks during a turnover clean, such as cleaning ceiling fans, baseboards, décor, AC vents, switch plate covers, cleaning out cabinets and drawers, moving and deep-cleaning appliances, and the list goes on. For example, a home that sleeps 12 people with a 16-week rental season will host about 200 people. A vacation home is lived in (much) harder than a residential home. Of those 200 people, how many do you believe will take the time on their vacation to thoroughly wipe down the blender after they have splattered it while making margaritas? How many will take the time to remove every crumb from the utensil drawer they were just noshing over? And what about the crumbs from the pizza they just sliced that fell into the burner pans and beyond? While the deep clean gives us a chance to properly clean all facets of your property, and start the new season fresh, it also gives us a chance to inspect the property thoroughly for any maintenance issues. Although deep cleans are not mandatory, they are strongly recommended (now more than ever), and we can’t emphasize enough, how important it is to the integrity of your rental, your guests' experience, and your overall reviews. For a list of what is included in a deep clean, please visit our website, and click on services\deep clean.

Please call/text or email us today to schedule your deep clean. Have a wonderful day! SEC TEAM (970) 426-6081(p) Po Box 9272 Breckenridge, Co. 80424

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