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COVID19 has been a challenging time for us as a company as well as the business community in general.  We want to take the opportunity to update you on the new processes/procedures that we have implemented, in compliance with VRMA,VRHP, and CDC protocols. 


For starters, all laundry will be processed with a high-temperature sanitation wash. We will also be disinfecting mattresses,upholstery, and pillows, as well as any touchable surfaces on every clean. We are working to order and distribute CDC approved pillow protectors and will update you as we work out the details on what that will look like. The town has been going back and forth on a blanket vs. no blanket policy.  We may go to a triple sheet or a fresh duvet cover on every clean, however; we are waiting for more clarity on what the regulations will look like and will keep you updated as things unfold.  


In compliance with CDC protocols, our staff will be entering all units with the mandated supplies/equipment.  They will be wearing masks and disposable gloves and using CDC approved disinfectants.  Upon completion of every clean, our staff will leave a signed & dated notecard, stating the unit has been sanitized per CDC standards. We
are also researching the effectiveness of using UV lighting as a disinfectant. VRMA recommends, that guests should be asked to strip all beds and place sheets and towels in the showers/bathtubs.


In house, we are working diligently to implement tighter controls to ensure that we are providing peace of mind to all guests.  We will continue to stay abreast of the newest regulations and guidelines and keep you updated as things unfold. We are including two links below.  They will provide you with a list of CDC approved products and guidelines that we are following per VRHP and CDC standards.

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